Maria Priestley

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manic cat walker watercolour maria priestley portrait maria priestley
Manic cat walker, watercolour & ink, A5, 2014 Czech girl, acrylics on canvas, 24x30", 2013

portrait tinky winky venus
Portrait of a friend, acrylics on canvas, 2013 The birth of Tinky Winky, acrylics on canvas, 2013

maria priestley maria priestley
Guardian angelcat, acrylics, 20x20cm, 2013  Cats aboard elephant spaceship, acrylics, 2013

maria priestley maria priestley maria priestley
acrylics, 20x37 cm, 2013 Dumbledore and Bambi, acrylics, 2013 Elephas Rex, acrylics, 20x37cm, 2013

 John Lennon, acrylics on canvas, 20x38 cm, 2012  Rachel, acrylics, 2012

acrylic painting self portrait maria priestley art
TTeen angst ;)

acrylics on canvas, 30 x 24", 2012 Rex, acrylics on canvas, 2012 

ginger cat alcohol vodka alcocat maria priestley
Alcocat - acrylics on canvas, 16x16", 2011

cat acrylics painting
Sobercat (Lucy) - acrylics on canvas, 40x40cm, 2011
acrylic painting evolution maria priestleyEvolution, acrylics on canvas, 90x60cm, 2011

babylon acrylic painting maria priestley a level art mesopotamia
        Babylon, acrylics on canvas, 2011
Toucan, acrylics on canvas, 24"x18", 2009


Face   Clown II - GCSE art coursework 2009

Migration of Prosperity painting 
Migration of Prosperity, acrylics on canvas, 20" x 30", 2009
(Displayed at the National Students' Art Exhibition, London 2010)

Seagulls - GCSE art exam 2009 Clown - GCSE art coursework 2008
Clown, watercolour - FAS competition winner 2008
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