Maria Priestley

1993 Born in Russia

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1996 Thread
Title: "Thread" 28/08/1996

maria priestley
Title: "Mushroom", mixed media

1997 Girl with a spider on a leash
"A girl with a spider on a leash" 24/12/1997

2003 Moved to America

2004 Moved to England

2008 Publication in newspaper

2010 Marilyn Monroe painting for the Boulogne poster project

Boulogne 2010
July 2010 - "Migration of Prosperity" displayed at the National Students' Art Exhibition in London

August 2010 - Assisted Elena Priestley in the creation of a mural located at New Romney train station.
 2011  "Knitten", view blog entry here

knitted kitten phone sock


Album artwork for British Daylight

british daylight album cover maria priestley
2013 International art symposium (Eregli, Turkey)

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